Postcards & Soundtracks Album

by Andri Søren

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Postcards & Soundtracks is (for me) an explosive release of ideas, feelings and memories from the last 8 years I've spent living in my adopted hometown of Brussels.

Heartbreak, Reflection and a sort of Redemption. Yes, I know, a dramatic description, but I can only truly say that I made all of these from the heart, and as such are very dear to me.

They are also largely made up from real sounds out of my life; recordings from city streets, inside my home, from my past. I've turned these sounds into new soundtracks from old ones, from slow and contemplative to upbeat and more driving. It's also the first time I sing as sonøren.

I'm releasing the album on one of 8 postcards that I've made of this city. I'm doing this because I came to the realisation that my photography and my music were one and the same; a reflection and celebration of life, of a place and of certain experiences, and again, I know these are big words, but I use them humbly and sincerely.

If you would like to receive a postcard please go to the merch section of my site, and I'll send you one, with a hand-written message.

These are my postcards and soundtracks.



released March 15, 2016

Big huge thanks to Maxime Delclef who not only listened to my tracks over and over but moreover mastered them, giving me his take on what sound he felt it should have, and was just generally amazingly supportive.


all rights reserved



Andri Søren Brussels, Belgium

A project by Andri Søren, about taking sounds from ordinary life and making songs, soundscapes and soundtracks from them.

There's no particular genre or style as each is born out of a particular mood or moment.

Thanks for listening

(sono = sound,
øren = ears)


Twitter: @AndriSoren
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Track Name: Quiet Compromise
Quiet Compromise
I hear nothing from you

Quite Compromise
I don't hear nothing, from your side

Quiet Compromise
I don't hear nothing
Track Name: Her Streets
She's walking the streets
The streets that she knows too well
And she feels empty

So here's the thing
There's this girl
And she knows the city too well
She knows what she'll find on every street corner
And she's been in every bar
She thinks she's probably met everyone by now
And yet, as she walks around
She feels empty
Track Name: Never Knew
I never knew
I never knew
Never knew what to say
Track Name: I Believe In You
I Believe in You
Track Name: Beside Myself
Beside Myself
But Inside You
Out of My Mind
But in Yours

These Memories
They're Behind the Times
Don't Heed
Don't Heed the Signs

Beside Myself
But Inside You
Out of My Mind
But in Yours

Our Memories
They're Behind the Times
Don't Heed
Don't Heed the Signs
Track Name: Meaning
What does it mean for you
What does it mean for me

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